My Favourite Moments from i-City

We recorded so much with the #Sony4K #Handycam #AXP55 during our family day out at i-City, I thought I’d share some of my favourite unseen moments of Kenzo and Xander playing. Check out the video below to see them all! The #Handycam has been so easy to use, I can’t wait to show you more of our precious family time with it. Stay tuned!

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Review: THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters

IMG_4848When it comes to the skin, not everyone has the same skin type and skin needs. I have dry and dull skin so a lot of products that I’ve been meaning to try, I can’t because I know that it won’t be right for my skin and it’ll end up making my skin break out. It gets so frustrating when that happens because they’re meant for a specific skin type that doesn’t match mine. If some people share the same skin type, one might want to enhance and desire additional benefits without changing their favourite skincare routine.  Continue reading “Review: THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters”

Family Day Out at i-City

I haven’t been spending quality time with my little family over the past few months because hubby’s always busy working, and mummy has been too too tired carrying Ayden in my tummy (when I was still pregnant) because he’s big and I get exhausted easily. But hubby and I decided to bring the kids for some fun before Ayden comes out, so literally the day before I gave birth (planned c-sect), we brought the boys to the theme park at i-City Shah Alam. Initially we wanted to bring them to Legoland but it’s a 4-hour drive and I couldn’t sit in the car that long, what with my backaches and all.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Kenzo’s martial arts classes have ended! He was so excited to brush up on his “ninja skills” and he had a really good time overall. I’m so glad I managed to record every moment of his practice with Sony’s 4K Handycam! I compiled some fun moments from his experience – check out the video to see how he fared!


Kenzo’s First Venture into Martial Arts

Kenzo’s First Venture into Martial Arts

Recording the most important moments in life is crucial for families, especially to new parents like me, where we watch our babies grow so fast, their development, and want to capture every step of the way, not to mention keep and replay that memory as time passes and they grow older. Hubby and I have been looking for a weekend school to send our eldest son Kenzo to to experience something new, but because he’s only 4, a lot of schools we surveyed only catered arts, dancing, singing for students his age. We were talking about sending Kenzo to either music school, or taekwondo/martial arts school.
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Welcome to!

I’ve had multiple blogs previously, a cycle of “What was I thinking, I think I’ll make a new one” as I easily get bored of something and wanted something new – in this case, simply because the content and layout of each previous blog just didn’t feel “right” as time passed by and my interests changed. So here I am, 4 years later, finally making a new (and hopefully final) domain. Continue reading “Fresh”