Kenzo’s First Venture into Martial Arts

Recording the most important moments in life is crucial for families, especially to new parents like me, where we watch our babies grow so fast, their development, and want to capture every step of the way, not to mention keep and replay that memory as time passes and they grow older. Hubby and I have been looking for a weekend school to send our eldest son Kenzo to to experience something new, but because he’s only 4, a lot of schools we surveyed only catered arts, dancing, singing for students his age. We were talking about sending Kenzo to either music school, or taekwondo/martial arts school.

First we went for a music trial class last week because it was just nearby our place – sure, I could see that he had fun during the class, but he didn’t talk about it after we went home, so that’s when I knew he just wasn’t all that into it, that’s not where his interests lies. We knew he liked all the rough stuff, so hubby and I decided to send him to martial arts class and just over the weekend, hubby managed to find this place in Hartamas – one of the few places we managed to find the day before that could take in 4-year-olds!

I’m proud to announce that I am currently collaborating with Sony on their 4K AXP55 Handycam, which is an absolute treasure to record every precious moment in not only my growing child’s life, but also every bit of family moments in our whole life journey, not to mention in high resolution! After all, watching videos in high resolution is honestly much more satisfying to watch, and not a sight for sore eyes to watch over and over again. The Handycam’s tagline is “don’t miss a single chapter of your story”, which means a lot to me because I don’t want to miss a single moment of my children’s growing years. I’m starting off with the theme of ‘first time for everything’, so for starters I’ve captured Kenzo’s first martial arts class!


It took place on Saturday morning and takes place every Saturday, and the instructor (is that what we call a martial arts guru? Or Sensei? I’m just going to stick to instructor) told us the day before to come in his gym attire, so we just put on a t-shirt and sweatpants. Imagine my excitement when I saw how much he really enjoyed the class! It was adorable (should I be saying that about martial arts?), because he’s like a little pup compared to most of the kids there and since it was his first time, I could see he was really trying to catch up to the rest. Too cute, I cannot. Sigh, they grow up so fast. I couldn’t go to the front of the class to record as all parents had to wait at the back so that we don’t distract the kids.

Above is a video I recorded with my handy (see what I did there?) Sony Handycam. Please excuse my first time recording proper family moments with a proper equipment as I haven’t really had any experience before, only those little video recordings on the iPhone; but practice makes perfect, right? It was slightly dim because it was recorded against the light and the studio itself is dim, but thank God the quality of the video and quality of the sound did not break in an echo-prone studio – imagine if I took the video with a regular phone!

I really liked using this Handycam because it is not only of great 4K quality, it also has a Wide-Angled lens so I can get a lot in the frame and not worry about missing out on anything. Instead of just focusing on Kenzo alone, I was able to take the other entire class so you can see how he performed against the other children! I think they all did great – little budding martial artists.

I was standing at the back of the class, but using the Optical Zoom feature, I could zoom in on Kenzo and still maintain great quality. It looks like I was a lot closer to him than I really was!

The class took about 45 minutes with water breaks in between and once it ended he was tired from all that “practice,” as he calls it, but he thought it was cool! We enrolled him right away, got his uniform (he was most excited about the belt), and we’re just waiting for next Saturday to come as he’s really looking forward to the next class.

See you at my next post!




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