Family Day Out at i-City

I haven’t been spending quality time with my little family over the past few months because hubby’s always busy working, and mummy has been too too tired carrying Ayden in my tummy (when I was still pregnant) because he’s big and I get exhausted easily. But hubby and I decided to bring the kids for some fun before Ayden comes out, so literally the day before I gave birth (planned c-sect), we brought the boys to the theme park at i-City Shah Alam. Initially we wanted to bring them to Legoland but it’s a 4-hour drive and I couldn’t sit in the car that long, what with my backaches and all.

​Since i-City only opens in the evening, we arrived quite early around 5-ish so that we can do a family video while there’s still sunlight. We filmed the video down below using Sony’s 4K handycam, which really helps because… I’ll explain shortly. Hehe. Good thing about coming early is that there’s not many people around, so we get to walk around freely and be the first ones on the rides! Only Kenzo was able to go on a couple of rides, because Xander was still too small and didn’t reach the height limit for most rides, so he only rode the carousel with Mummy and Kenzo – and that, also, is the only ride I could go on because I was heavily pregnant and pregnant ladies couldn’t go on most rides too Thank God we brought Sony’s 4K Handycam along, because hubs managed to zoom in from afar with the 20x Optical Zoom feature on the kids’ reactions riding the merry-go- round! They were so happy! The park was very spacious and the crowd was just starting to come in, the boys were able to run and chase each other, while Baba chased them – I got him to record the boys having fun, the look of joy on their faces while running freely like there’s not a care in the world haha. Quite amazed that the video was still stable even while Baba chased the boys, thanks to the Balanced Optical Steadyshot™ stabilization feature on the Handycam! Perfect camera feature for families with kids that just can’t stay still like me haha. Other than that, Kenzo was able to go on some other rides, including a pirate ship ride that he rode with his Baba, while Mummy and Xander just watched from afar.

I didn’t take much photos because I recorded videos most of the time there. The theme park was quite big and there were numerous rides, so we spent a couple of hours there. Oh you know how phones have short battery life and we can only record small parts and tend to miss out on major moments for fear your phone battery would die? Well I loveeee how I was able to shoot for hours with Sony’s 4K Handycam without worrying about the battery life, and even when we went back, the battery is still quarter full so I was able to transfer all the footage taken to my laptop.
Watch my video below to see how much fun we had at i-City!

Wish to enjoy capture your family’s memories easily like I did with Sony’s Handycam? One lucky winner will be chosen to win the handycam, as I’m giving out 1 unit of the Sony AXP55 Handycam worth RM5,499.00! Go to my Instagram post (click here) to join the contest!
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    Looking forward to receiving all your entries, good luck!

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