Review: THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Boosters

IMG_4848When it comes to the skin, not everyone has the same skin type and skin needs. I have dry and dull skin so a lot of products that I’ve been meaning to try, I can’t because I know that it won’t be right for my skin and it’ll end up making my skin break out. It gets so frustrating when that happens because they’re meant for a specific skin type that doesn’t match mine. If some people share the same skin type, one might want to enhance and desire additional benefits without changing their favourite skincare routine. 

I am so thankful I came across THE FACE SHOP’s all new The Therapy Boosters! They’re specially formulated to address different skin concerns like dullness, ageing and skin damage by blending a mixture of essential oils.


The Therapy Firming Booster (left) firms, energises, and hydrates the skin. It is an intensive cocktail of active ingredients that addresses symptoms of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmess and dryness.

The Therapy Rejuvenating Booster (right) regenerates the skin, nourishes and is radiance-enhancing. It soothes sensitive, tired and damaged skin with all the nourishing and strengthening ingredients inside.


This, is my favourite cream also from THE FACE SHOP, which I apply after cleansing and toning, before applying make up.


Add 1-3 drops of The Therapy Booster with any of your favourite cream or lotion. Then, you blend it all together and apply evenly on your skin and massage gently. Here’s an extra tip : finish by pressing palms onto your skin to maximise and enhance absorption! Do note that the boosters are NOT to be used on its own.

IMG_4881.jpgIt also works well when blended well with your foundation or BB cream, just by adding 1 small drop! Say hello to beautiful, protected skin!

Cute, aren’t they? So small yet packs quite a punch in aiding our skin concerns and works wonders! Each of The Therapy Boosters are 15ml and priced at RM93.

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